Growing up with artist’s


Bruce’s life was greatly influenced through the passions and work of his father and grandfather.  His inherited artistic talents, creative gifts and construction skills are simply second nature!



His father, Walt Champion, was born in Ferndale Michigan and in the mid 1950’s moved to Tawas City with Bruce’s mother after serving in the Navy during World War II.  He established a self owned and operated sign company called Champion Sign Service and was soon known as the pioneer of neon to northeast Michigan. His artistic talent (top right), construction skills and innovative design have been inherently passed down to his son. 

At 45, Walt enrolled at Central Michigan University and majored in Industrial and Graphic Arts. During this time, his work in pencil, ink, oil and pottery was acclaimed by many.  His unique skills and talents were even accredited to teach ‘the professors’ how to use the air brush!  Upon graduation, he went on to teach in the Department of Graphic Arts at Central Michigan University.

grandpa 1Bruce’s grandfather, Fred Papsdorf, was a famous American Painter. Many of his paintings can still be seen in auctions and museums across the United States, and in some cases internationally.  It is known there are some pieces in the Smithsonian Institute of Arts.  At age 6, Bruce remembers his grandfather teaching him how to draw three dimensional landscapes with rock, trees, hills and roads.  What he learned from his grandfather at such a young age, is still seen in his work today. To see or learn more of Bruce’s grandfather’s work (bottom right), google Fred Papsdorf American Painter.

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